Knowing Me .........                     Thank You For.........                                                                           Ballade Pour Adeline
           Work Song

                          Dancing Queen                         Winner Takes It All                                                                           Woman In Love                     Why Me 

                        You Can Fly                                Manhatan                                  What A Wonderfull W            Waterloo                                 Amazing-Grace 

                          Besame Mutcho                        Carmen                                      Crazy                                          Endless Love                             Evita  

                          Red Roses                                   Rose of Garden                         Silencio                                     Spanish Eye                             A Star Is Born   

                          Stranger                                     Summer Love                            Tequila                                       Vill Over                                 Yello Rose    


Love Me Tender                         Love Story                                  Pretty Woman                          Song 4                                     Ave Maria 


Greengrass                               For The Good Times                Jackson                                     Let It Snow                                Ring Of  Fire


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Unforgetebal                             Zorba                                          On The Road Again                 She Believes In Me                Your My Best Friend
New York                                   Pretty Woman                          Red Red Wine                           Sentimantel Demais               Stranger In The Night
Impossible Dream                    I Will Always Love You          Moonriver                                  Mother                                      I Did It My Way
Georgia                                      Godfather                                   Gone Whit The Wind           Hopelessly Devoted To Yoy      I Will Folow Him
Capri It Is Fini                           Crying                                        Don't Crye For Me Art.           Elpaseito Carlos Vives       Feelings
Amarillo                                    Amor                                          Aurevoir                                     Blue Velvet                              Cant Help It